Seeing beyond "Delirium": Why we fear connection to Everything

Do not be afraid to choose to live happily ever after....

Seeing beyond "Delirium": Why we fear connection to Everything

They call it delirium, a feverish dream,
This glimpse of the tapestry, the cosmic seam.
We see the threads, the light that binds us all,
A symphony of souls, beyond the body's sprawl.

We speak of oneness, whisper of the grand design,
But fear, a cold hand, dims the nascent shine.
"Just a fever," they murmur, a dismissive sigh,
Turning from the truth with a twisted lie.

For to see the web, to feel the cosmic dance,
Is to shatter the walls, a terrifying chance.
Our egos, fortresses built of brick and bone,
Crumble at the notion we're never truly alone.

Easier the slumber, the singular plight,
Than to face the vastness of the starry night.
Individuality, a comforting shroud,
Shields us from the truth, one whispered aloud.

But the whispers persist, in moments of grace,
A lover's touch, a child's innocent face.
Nature's grandeur, a storm's untamed roar,
Hints of the connection we choose to ignore.

So let them call it madness, a fractured mind's plight,
For in their delirium, sleeping embers shall ignite.
A glimpse of the whole, a knowing in the core,
That we are the universe, forevermore.

And though they may scoff, and dismiss with a sneer,
The seeds of awakening will not disappear.
For deep in the human, a yearning resides,
To awaken the mind and open the eyes.

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