Faithful Soul

Every end is a soulful one....

Faithful Soul

In fallow fields of faith, where doubt has grazed,
We till the soul with prayers both worn and thin.
The harvest, "Oh Everything", is meager, barely raised,
A mediocre yield in stark contrast to the previous season's win.

No visions dance in twilight's fading light,
No crackling thunder ignites the weary eye.
Recollected sermons, a comfort worn and trite,
The hymns half-sung beneath an aching sky.

Yet in this barren ground, a seed may rest,
Whilst a flicker stirs beneath the dampened clay.
With patient spirit, we nurture what is best,
And trust that faithful soul leads us through each day.

For even in the mundane, our faith may bloom,
A soulful strength to see us through daily gloom.

Accompanying artwork sale information:

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Artwork Details:

Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass:

120 x 80 cm (External dimensions: 121.2 x 81.2 cm)

Image dimensions: 120 by 80 centimeters (External dimensions: 121.2 by 81.2 centimeters)

Fuji Crystal Archive, glossy
Alu-Dibond 3 mm
Aluminium rails
Acrylic glass 2 mm, matte
Aluminum ArtBox, Profile 50 mm (Black)
Image optimization: 100%