Unlock Our Minds

Creativity is like a breeze coming from your soul...

Unlock Our Minds

Sunrise paints the gold windshield, another fight,
Steering wheel worn, miles in sight.
Static whispers, repeating old news,
Just the engine's faithful blues.

Faces weathered, wind and rain,
Stories etched upon the pain.
Diners, signs, a welcome worn,
Ghosts of what's lost, a different morn.

Maybe someday I'll unpack the thread,
Face the ghosts, the words unsaid.
But for now I keep on moving free,
A silhouette which knows the whole of me.

This town, now a faded photograph,
Folded in my pocket, from the aftermath.
Memories echo, pines whisper low,
Secrets I emboxed deep, barbed wire won't let them go.

Maybe someday I'll hope to find,
Within the shadows you left behind.
A key fallen beneath the pines,
An unseen truth that'll unlock our minds...

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