Brindled Life

Love speaks louder than desire....

Brindled Life

Oh what a brindled life you lead,
Spreading your loins to procreate seed,
That brand new car,
That wine stained bar,
Oh how you thought you had all you need.

Oh what a wicked woman you've since become,
Changed from that freckled girl sitting in the sun,
That pumping heart has grown so damn cold,
It seems to frost as your face grows old.

Soon you will finally start to see,
It wasn't that wise leaving someone like me,
Why? Coz I loved you without a second thought,
I never cared about those shiny gifts you bought.

Soon you will finally start to see,
That love is bigger than you, them, and me,
You see life has a wonderful way to show,
That love binds us all and never lets go.

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