I Am So Excited And It Involves You

This is the first post CJB wrote on his new blog. It is a message of happiness.

I Am So Excited And It Involves You

This is the first post on my brand new website (blog) and it is bound to be wrong.

What I mean by the latter is, I have SO MUCH to share with you, how on earth can I put it all in one post?!

I have gone through an amazing awakening and I know what I have learnt will awaken your mind too, if you choose to listen.

If you follow me long enough you will notice I talk a lot about soul power, the power of everything, and the way of everything. I am not going to begin to explain these terms in this post, just know, once you understand their meaning you will have awakened... and oh boy it feels so good!

I realize there is no way I can preach to people that I have found the answer to the meaning of everything which will not get instant critics and skeptics. Thankfully, I no longer fear what others may think. I know inside that I am happy and I want to share the secret for those who choose to listen and join me in my happiness.

I want to channel my creative artworks, poetry and writing to promote the message that this world is amazing, and you are amazing!

I want people to remind themselves of who they really are (to awaken). Why? So you can approach every moment, especially the tough ones, with a perspective full of love and appreciation. I am not preaching a message of hope because hope is something you cannot see and might be unattainable. What I am preaching is completely attainable. I have it - in abundance. You can too.

Just stick with me whilst I get this new blog off the ground and work out the best strategies to help you understand how you can find your true soulful self and be happy in whatever circumstance you find yourself in now.

I will end this first post here. I just want you to know that you are loved and everything is already okay. Stay tuned...