The #vss365 Community

A community to be proud of...

The #vss365 Community

One word today has blown my mind.

It has blown my mind so much that I needed to create this blog post to share my feelings.

Don't panic! They are happy, excited, hopeful, proud, and wondrous feelings that you too can soak up just by reading this.

But first and foremost, if you are a creator, and if you love daily word prompts on social media that can ignite your thoughts into action, to create a Poem, an Artwork, and or a "Very Short Story", then you need to join in with the #vss365 community, especially on X!

I have recently been honored to act as a temporary host (although I am starting to think "Guardian" is a better term because I feel this community is so sacred, they also use "Ambassador").

As a host, you are tasked to come up with the daily word prompt for the #vss365community and you must not repeat any word that has been used in the last year, and ideally longer!

Here is the YouTube playlist that will list all of my prompt words over the full 15 days:

If you aren't part of the community, I hope you can join us. Joining in means to create something and tag it with #vss365 and the prompt word of the day. Once you do that, the community can see what you created and choose to react to it. And the community is awesome. They will encourage and support you. And yes, it becomes more than just about your creations, you build some great connections (sometimes friendships), which help you deal with life, love, and everything else!

So now you are aware of the community, let's get back to what has happened today with the prompt word.


I never realized 1 word could spark so much excellence.

Every poem I have read today is packed full of soul and feeling. And if you think I am making it up, here are a few I have randomly selected:

It is literally like one poetry orgasm after another! Right? Or is it just me? Don't answer that!

And the mind-blowing aspect is I haven't even started to read the rest of the community's poems for this prompt word. Every poem listed is pretty much every poem I have read so far.

Today, it feels pretty special. I feel hopeful, this community shows that in this modern world, there are so many people who know how to communicate in peace and love. I look forward to seeing you in the comments of all of the poetry written today for the prompt word: "Quintessence".