Peace is all we ever need....


We all need a truce, like a severed finger needs a tourniquet.
We all need a truce, like the homeless need a home today.

We all need a truce, we're fucking tired of devious war.
Our politicians have forgotten what they're fighting for.

Truce today, not tomorrow,
We're sick and tired of the constant sorrow.

Let kindness extinguish the flames of revenge,
Stop killing using a generational need to avenge.

You know what's CRAZY, you know what's LAZY -
A truce can be made clear not politically hazy.

If you're angry inside, if you have had enough,
Get mad not at your enemy but the inner emotional stuff.

If you and I and everyone we see,
Awakened like gods knowing that I am you and you are me,
We'd call a truce by the end of this line,
No more thinking, let's do it this time.

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