Deal Time

Care for yourself in every way possible.....

Deal Time

Chasing a butterfly dream,
Does nothing for self esteem.

We know life's story, right?
The sun rises in the morning and falls at night.

The man gets the woman gets the woman gets the man,
Confusion and delusion, dizziness, doing everything you can.

And yet nothing ever seems enough,
You get educated, work, marry, life gets tough.

So now it's deal time, seriously, look me in the eyes....
Keep looking, this is a chance to turn your stupid into wise.

Drop all of the heaviness from the money baited game,
Drop it now, drop it fast before your life goes lame.

Stand back, look around, the world is yours already,
You've been looking at your cards wrong, that's why you feel unsteady.

Your soul is you and makes you whole, it doesn't care about money,
See the world through soulful eyes so it feels like everything's funny.

Drop the booze and the chocolates too, just look out the window and stare....
Today's the day you make a deal with yourself, a deal that starts with "I care".