Are you with me?

It's time to ditch age stereotypes....

Are you with me?

Like clockwork the age stereotypes easily appear....
Creating frustration as you grow older each year.
Menopausal women are told life is passing them by,
Middle aged men are told never to cry.

I say F**K the stereotypes that the old are all done,
Instead we should reeducate by embarrassing the young.
Let's show social networks that our souls never age,
Let's lead by example - heck - let's take center stage!

Now is the time to grow younger each day,
Trash the cliche stereotypes and show others our way....
Whether you're tired or feel generally ill,
F**K age and moaning, get off that treadmill.

Once you know that souls can never grow old,
Once you realize your sexy wrinkly and bald.
Only then you'll awaken, feel powerful and wise,
Age cannot stop you when love's in your eyes.

I hope I've awakened you with my passionate plea,
Let me end this by asking, "Are you with me?"