Fractured Ego

Live through your soul it has a much better view of life than the ego....

Fractured Ego

CJB Intro: Besides being the daily prompt for vss365, this poem has come from my own self-analysis of using social media to share my creations. I put in hours, days, weeks and sometimes more into some of my posts and at times, when I don't receive any likes or comments, I smile at my ego's reaction.

It fascinates me. Having awakened to live life through my soul I am now able to look upon my human emotions objectively. I literally laugh and smile when my ego tries to bring me down when my creations do not get the likes it feels it should get.

Thankfully, I easily dismiss any negative feelings and replace them instantly with feelings of happiness, pride and self love. I know why I create. It is not for likes and or followers, it is because I love creating and love the thought that someone somewhere may actually understand what I have done and feel better for having seen it.

I wanted to write a poem that expresses this, not really for any other point than because I wanted to. But I am also intrigued, do others feel this way?

Fractured Ego

A glowing square, a portal bright and keen,
Where crafted worlds in pixels intervene.
Hours I've poured, a tapestry so grand,
Yet silence reigns across social media land.

The fractured ego twitches, oh that serpent sly,
Craving likes, teardrops circling its mind's eye.
But soul awakened, I stand aloof, a sage,
Chuckling at the tempest on this digital stage.

No longer swayed by fleeting, fickle praise,
My joy resides in the creative daze.
A love for craft, a fire that burns so deep,
Not for the crowd, but for the solace I keep.

Perhaps a hope, a whisper on the breeze,
Like a flower's nectar attracting bumble bees.
Their soul with mine, a kindred spirit's spark,
But creation's call leaves its own sacred mark.

This verse I weave, not for the world to see,
But for the symphony of language setting me free.
Do others share this path, this introvert's quest?
Perhaps, familiarity pumps within your chest?

Oh fractured ego where will you hide,
When your thoughts upon my mind reside.
But my soul is aware of you and shall not cease,
To quieten the ego until its mortal release.

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