All of the Ologies

Feel your way through life without thinking too much....

All of the Ologies

All of the ologies, strung out in rows,
Like pearls on a mind, where knowledge softly glows.
Archaeology, whispers of a distant past,
Unearthing the echoes, shadows built to last.

Ideology, a compass, grand and bold,
A map of conviction, a story to be told.
But is the path it charts forever true,
Or a gilded cage that binds a point of view?

Psychology, delving in the mind's domain,
Unraveling secrets, joy and sorrow's strain.
Can we dissect the soul, its hidden plight,
Or is the heart a mystery, veiled in darkest night?

We build these castles, fortresses of thought,
With words that categorize, all neatly caught.
But in the spaces 'tween, where shadows softly creep,
Does the untamed spirit, a deeper knowledge keep?

Perhaps the truest wisdom lies not in the name,
But in the patient journey, the ever-burning flame.
For all the ologies, a path may pave the way,
But the heart's own compass, must guide us on our way.

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