A single coin

Toss a coin to decide your destiny....

A single coin

Tarnished disc, in calloused palm you rest,
A face worn smooth, a legend half-suppressed.
Once clinked in coffers, bought a king his crown,
Now begged for alms, tossed tinkling to the ground.

A single coin, a history untold,
Of empires risen, relinquished, sold.
A soulful lover's token, whispered sweet goodbye,
A sailor's charm beneath a stormy sky.

It spins and dances, heads or tails decide,
A twist of fate, the paths we cannot hide.
In fortune's hand we let the coin embark,
A fragile vessel in the churning dark.

But hold it close, this emblem worn and thin,
For etched within, a tiny spark may win.
A chance encounter, kindness unforeseen,
A single coin, a universe between.