The beauty of separating YOU from your human mind

To be in-sane means you finally get it....

The beauty of separating YOU from your human mind

Today I feel so sleepy. I feel knackered.

Last week I felt so alive, so awake.

A human body goes through so many feelings in its limited lifespan. As you get older those feelings of being tired can get you down. You can associate them with, "Crap I am getting old, I am losing my edge, things will never be like they were when I was younger, how on earth am I going to enjoy life as I get more tired and older?".

Thankfully, with my newly found soul power, these thoughts don't stick. I feel happy even when my physical body makes me feel a little less energetic.

Let me dive into a few things we need to discuss before I can reveal how you can find your soul power to feel good no matter what ails you.

Every single human 🐒 animal processes things through the 🧠 brain.

This process thinks things over ... and over ... until the human animal brain "thinks" it has found - or not found - a useful answer.

In the past, my brain would sense that I was tired and I would feel down and low in mood. But now it doesn't. Even though I still "feel" tired, I don't let it affect my overall mood and wellbeing.

How? What has happened? How can you do the same?

Since I analyzed and realized that I am not my thoughts, but instead, I am my soul connecting to and experiencing my thoughts, I have awakened from my mortal sleep.

Okay, let me stop here. I know what some of you are immediately thinking:

This guy has lost the plot completely. What is he talking about? I have work to do and bills to pay, if I thought like that I would be locked up. My friends and work colleagues would call for the psychiatrist. Fancy using words like "mortal sleep", does this guy think he is in the Lord of the Rings or something?! I was following him on social media thinking he believed in the same things as me, now I might have to unfollow him and carry on my very stressed and busy life, the one he doesn't seem to get...."

And yes, perhaps some of you are not thinking the latter 🤣

But if you are thinking something like I have mentioned, let's get the proverbial elephant 🐘 out of this post. I am not crazy. I am a father, a son, a brother. I have to pay bills. I had a good professional career. I am grounded and remain aware of all the different views people and society have. And yes, being honest, if I had read what I am writing a few years back, I might have clicked away, thinking this guy is mad as a 🤡 hatter.

All I can say is, I am not mad (okay maybe I am Black Adder mad).

The whole point of awakening is that I have woken up from the social norm. In that way I suppose I am not normal. You could also say that I am more sane than I have ever been, which kind of does make me "IN-sane"?! Words are funny sometimes and their double meanings.

But the point is, I realize I cannot control the human animal brain in others. If people wish to instantly label me coo coo and click away, I cannot do anything about that. All I can say is, I have found inner peace and happiness and I want to share it creatively so you too can find it, in your own way. And I will feel momentarily sad when I think that the people who need to awaken most might have just clicked away.

Okay, I have made my point, back to the post....

So yes, I have awakened from my mortal sleep 🐣 and this is how you can too:

Realize right now that the reason you are understanding this post is because your human animal brain is processing information via your senses. Your eyes are seeing this text and the fact you speak English means you can digest their meaning.

However, beyond the brain's process there is a decision maker, a conscious witness, I call it your soul.

My new book will explain everything when it is released but for now just be aware that you are more than your thoughts.

The decision maker in you, your soul (gut) instinct is what is experiencing all of "this". That is the real you. The soulful you.

You have heard the expression, "S/he is a kind soul", well like many historic expressions, they stemmed from something profound and that is why they stuck. In the Tao Te Ching which book I re-translated, the chapters refer to the "Ancient" ones. Expressions stem from such folk. They were wise and they got it. They lived in a much more nature 🌳 loving era hence had the time and space to understand all of these valuable lessons.

So please trust in me, the real you is your soul, not your human animal brain. By the way, those whose ego got them upset and clicked away, they are using their human 🙉 animal brain. You however, by the fact you are still reading this, are proving you already know you are your 💛 soul.

And when you do truly do "get it". When you truly do wake up from being sucked into the vortex of your thoughts. At that point, when you witness things around and within you, like feeling tired, or old, you are able to simply stand back into your eternal, stunningly beautiful soul, and laugh. You know, fundamentally, that it doesn't matter. You are always going to be fine.

As always - keep your soul power topped up with a smile 😊 every hour (start now!).