What is Soul Power

Learn to unlock your soul power to experience things with a new mindset

What is Soul Power

Soul power 💪💛 comes from you realizing that you are not just your human animal mind.

What do I mean by "Human Animal Mind"?

Whether our egos like it or not, humans are animals, you are an animal.

Humans belong to the animal phylum known as chordates because we have a backbone. The human animal has hair and milk glands, so we are placed in the class of mammals. Within the mammal class, humans are placed in the primate order 🐒 [LibreTexts Biology]

It is the animal instinct that keeps many in the human race to remain unawakened.

Thankfully, you being here, reading this, you either are awakened already, and or you want to awaken.

You are genuinely interested to learn what soul power is.

Your "interest" in wanting to know is your first step to awakening and connecting to your soul power.

You see, everything has a soul. It is the ever elusive energy that connects something to everything else.

Specifically, "your soul" is like your universal DNA (for want of a better word). In the grand scheme of everything it is what sets you and your experience apart from others. It is what in metaphorical terms gives you your own individual color in the rainbow 🌈 of everything. It means that whatever your soul experiences is worth it, it gives you your place in the grand scheme of everything.

And like an umbilical cord that can never be cut, it keeps you connected to great power. That power comes from your connection to the body of everything (the book is coming out soon).

Briefly, your soul connects you to the non physical world and all of the things you can and cannot imagine. Your soul is not confined or limited by the physical. Therefore, when you are in your soulful state you can use your imagination to live any life you want. To feel as good as you want. No matter what the physical world is trying to blind you with.

I realize this might all seem a little far fetched and you may well believe that I am on some kind of high. How can I possibly believe all this? How does your soul help you when you have been diagnosed with cancer? How does it help you pay your debts off?

Those human focused questions are what is limiting you from connecting with your soul power!

Once you realize that it is only your human animal mind that is blocking you from "CHOOSING" to connect with your soul power and all of the wonders it is connected to. That is when you will get your soul power flowing through from the non physical world into the physical world.

Example Time:

The other day I was sitting in a waiting room, waiting for some prescriptions. Left alone to think, my human animal mind would have sat there being bored and anxious. Wishing I was elsewhere. My human animal mind would only see the "HUMAN" perspective and create a human animal experience.

On the other hand, thankfully, I now know that my unlimited soul power is always connected to my limited human mind 24/7. My soul is the real me and I connect the two with a constant awareness of both.

Therefore, using my soul power I was able to look at everything around me with a different mental lens. I replaced the lens of my human animal eyes to instead see the waiting room as if I was looking through the lens of an all powerful soul. I looked at the shelving. The many products that were being sold. I sat in awe and genuine wonder at all of the mind blowing effort that went into making each one. I marveled at how incredible it was that even as little as 50 years ago many of the items on the shelf would not have been invented.

I then moved my soul power perspective to my own body. I imagined what a miracle it was that my body was sitting there. All of my cells were doing their work to keep me anchored to this physical dimension. To experience the life I have experienced, knowing it is only one of infinite experiences my soul can have.

Most importantly I loved 💘 what I was imagining in the non physical world, and then loved the feelings imagining invoked in the physical world, within my body.

Using the power of love (all these powers sit under the power of everything), I then did what I love doing, I wrote some poetry. Here it is:

The next thing I knew was my name had been called. My wait was over in a blink.

Look, I realize it is going to be hard to get you to fully awaken your soul power by reading this post. That is why I am writing a book about it. That is why I will keep creating new things to keep awakening your mind. This definitely needs more explanation. It truly is mind blowing. But everything stated is also true and it makes me feel amazing. I want that feeling for you too.

As a lifelong agoraphobic I have faced some really anxiety provoking human animal thoughts, thoughts that would make sitting in a waiting room of a pharmacy extremely challenging. At the moment those thoughts don't get a look in. They cannot seem to harm me ever since I found my soul power.

Again, don't worry if you are still confused. This post just needed to wet your appetite to want to find out more. I will keep sharing my experiences and lessons on how you can awaken and live a happy life.