Quick Soulful Update

The place we are going is already here....

Quick Soulful Update

I thought I better update you on what's actually happening with this blog.

I haven't actually launched it yet. It is still developing!

But I just couldn't hold it back. I have added links to it on my social media pages and in website development and marketing worlds that is a big NO NO!

And I think that is where I am at right now. I am fed up doing what society has asked us to do since I was born.

Look at where the world is now? Everyone is hypnotized by news corporations controlling the message. Are people happy living this way every year of their lives?

This post is not about me moaning, it is about me celebrating breaking free of the norm.

It is time to just get on with stuff! Don't wait!! Nothing has to be perfect to start.

This blog is currently not perfect but it is here to awaken you like I have been awakened.

I have had some life changing experiences recently. All of my years of studying spiritual teachings and self improvement have come together to make me feel absolutely brilliant.

In truth I hadn't been able to feel like this before. I was not confident at all. I felt like I was a fraud if I thought about coaching someone on how to live their best life. Oh yes, I knew all of the tips alright, and they were valid ones, but I didn't actually do them myself! Not properly.

Now is different!

BOY is it different!!

I have awakened and this blog is sharing my journey and will ABSOLUTELY help you to awaken too.

And don't think the things you see on this blog are just normal posts, poems and artworks, they are designed to spark your imagination and send you positive energy that settles into your mind and soul to give you a boost of love and peace.

I am almost nearing the end of my new book's first draft and I want you to know this book is epic! I am SO EXCITED I just cannot explain the feelings that are inside, apart from saying my soul power is MASSIVE right now! I know this book is going to awaken so many people who are going through hardship and I am so excited for them to feel that sense of ongoing peace.

What better way to live, than to share happiness and joy, to help awaken people through creative ways that unlocks their joy. I am living the dream right now....

If you want to feel awesome even in your darkest moments, please consider subscribing.

As always - keep soulful!