Is Your Fecund Mind Blocked?

It can be easy to fall back asleep once awakened....

Is Your Fecund Mind Blocked?

Are you a creator?
If yes - this poem has been written just for you:

Beware of something rather scary,
Something that should make you extremely wary.

You may not realize how it is affecting you,
It can stop your creativity like the heaviness of flu.

It is called social media - Wait! Hear me out!
Don't let your ego start to scream and shout.

Once told - this is something you will start to see,
How do I know this? Ashamedly it has happened to me.

You start creating, you are happy and bold,
Then it creeps in, like the years before you grow old.

You post your creative works on Instagram or X,
At first you wait, like an excited virgin waits for sex.

Then your virginity is broken with just a single like,
You feel a rush of joy, like when first riding a bike.

You smile with relief as you see several more likes,
The world has never felt better - then jealousy strikes!

You suddenly see someone else, with less followers than you,
They have dozens more likes - and all they posted was a poo 💩!!

So your fever begins and you change what you create,
You stay on social media, all hours, until quite late.

Whatever you try you cannot beat those with so many likes!
As if you are drugged you imagine your posts are getting dislikes....

You have stopped creating from the place you were happy and free,
Instead you fly around looking for something else you cannot see....

The reality is some of those account likes had been bought through other means,
Those users had felt the same as you and started using "AI Likes" machines.

It is now that you realize you have totally lost the plot!
Infected by a mind cancer your creativity had started to rot.

You had forgotten that creativity and likes definitely do not mix,
Suddenly your fecund mind wakes up and it begins to fix....

You go back to your creative virginity and your innocent style,
And that's when you find the happiness you hadn't felt in a while.

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