Promise Me!

Talk to someone if you ever feel you cannot carry on....

Promise Me!

You know that anxious problem sticking in your head?
Others think it too, it's made good people end up dead.

Don't let that thought loop effect who you are....
It's an iota of a problem - did you know your body stems from a star!
Billions of years compacted from your skin to your soul,
Promise me, if you get head troubles you'll give me a call!

I will change your physiology,
I will help to carve a smile....
Don't be afraid to laugh with me, even if it's been a while.

Your thoughts are not you....
Your body is just something you borrow....
Get rid of bad thoughts and - PROMISE ME - you'll be here tomorrow?

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Hey you, yes you. Hope you are doing okay? Listen if you ever need someone to talk to because the things going around your head are way too much for you right now, please CLICK OVER HERE there are some really great resources that will help.