Remember you're a star: A guide to reconnecting with your cosmic powers

Shine your soul as bright as you can by being as kind as you can....

Remember you're a star: A guide to reconnecting with your cosmic powers

In the diurnal rush caused by meat suits chasing city hours,
a sleepy soul blinks, searching for a memory of its eternal powers.
It moves unlike a wounded animal dragging its weary limbs,
but more like a fractured light stemming from ancient origins.

Like a coiled viper hissing in the dark recess,
its suited scales shimmer with soul powers at rest.
It hasn't quite forgotten the heat of the primordial sun,
the way it pulsed through stardust, a race it fought and won.

But now bound to bone and marrow, it's just a flickering ember,
reflecting on its temporary animal form is all it can remember.
The human vessel, nothing more than a flimsy, rented suit,
barely contains the godlike inferno burning through its root.

Most human animals feel empty even when they're full,
oblivious to the inner wildness that's stamping like a bull.
Yet sometimes, in the hush, when the world falls fast asleep,
the soul remembers the language of love it is tasked to always keep.

Then, with a blink of an eye, and a tremor of the hand,
soul powers unfurl like a storm raging across dry land.
The yearning, the disquiet, a sweet, electrical ache,
a reminder of the fiery soul the human form can never truly break.

We are more than flesh and habit, more than bills to pay,
we are embers of the cosmos, burning bright every single day.
Though the world might dim our light, and try to dull our spark,
the soul remembers its powers, sleeping like embers in the dark.

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