Make Her Whole

You are always loved from within....

Make Her Whole

Her worn feet bled - with each step that followed her bowed head.
Whilst the onlookers pathos - added to her sense of immeasurable loss.

Who she was - we shall never know because,
Her soul remains - a ray of hope that sustains,
A time when she will rise again - to take away a world of pain.

An unknown figure - who in times of loss found vigor.
And yet you still want to know - who she was to help you grow?
You need her now - more than ever to unravel the Dao....

I laugh and smile - because you've missed the point - your soul's in exile!
Don't wait for her to return - don't feel your mind - or your body burn....
Look there she is - within your soul - just love yourself and make her whole.

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