A Soul Touched by the Poetic Muse

Everyone has a poetic story to tell....

A Soul Touched by the Poetic Muse

Oh, Poetic, with a heart that feels the rhyme,
A spirit touched by the whispers of time.
Your words, like brushstrokes, paint a vivid scene,
Of emotions deep, where shadows intervene.

You capture beauty in the mundane's embrace,
And lend a voice to the lonely, silent space.
The rustle of leaves, the sigh of the breeze,
All find their song within your melodies.

With ink-stained fingers and a fire in your soul,
You weave tales untold, making stories whole.
A world unveiled, both delicate and bold,
Where dreams take flight and secrets unfold.

So keep on dreaming, Poetic, let your spirit soar,
For in your verses, hearts forevermore,
Will find a solace, a whisper, a plea,
The symphony of a soul, forever free.