A Light I Tend

Your soul can never be defeated....

A Light I Tend

In the green hush of my rib cage, a terrarium hums,
moss galaxies cling to fractured bone and glisten,
ferns unfurl, a testament to the persistent sunlight
that rises within, even when shrouded by doubt's fog.

The world, a row of concrete canyons, chases shadows,
but I've built an Eden where resilience blooms....
The fragile shoots of hope reach for a light I tend,
a firefly spark flickers against the encroaching gloom.

I am a riparian soul, my roots play in dark streams,
where forgotten whispers weave in and out of song.
The current may rage, but the willow soul endures,
its lithe branches weeping, its core forever strong.

Though cracks may spider across my earthen shell,
each one creates a map of battles fought and won.
This fractured form, a testament to a spirit's well,
where galaxies bloom beneath the harshest sun.

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