Lithe Soul

Use your lithe soul to overcome your rigid form....

Lithe Soul

Within a frame not bound by bone,
A lithe soul wakes, with dreams its own.
It stretches thin, a wispy flame,
Unfurling from a whispered name.

No heavy limbs, no caging form,
It dances light in sunlit storm.
A whirlwind spirit, free in the skies,
Through fields of green it darts and flies.

Like smoke it twists, a playful sprite,
On moonlit waves it takes to flight.
No mountain peak too high to scale,
No depth of ocean seen by whale.

For in its lithe and boundless grace,
It finds the strength to win the race.
A spark that ignites, a fire's core,
This lithe soul yearns for evermore.

So let your spirit rise and sing,
With wings unseen, on freedom's wing.
Unburdened, light, a joyful dance,
Find your own fire, take a chance.

Be lithe, be free, let worries fade,
This vibrant life, for you was made.

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