A Different Kind

Kindness is a universal action that brings immense satisfaction....

A Different Kind

We started with "Mankind":
the whole of the human race, including both men and women. Defined.

Was that kind?
The kind of male dominance we had in mind?
It's 2024 - so let's not remain confined....

Renew. Refresh. It's time for something more than just our flesh!

Perhaps "Whoppingkind":
the whole of every race - and every space, everything, and nothing, combined.

There appears to be a running theme,
in any word that we can dream,
that theme is "Kind",
and in its love we find,
a word that stops us acting blind.

So - it seems we have always belonged to "Kind",
a universal race of everything that is always connected,
to the unknown wonders that man once rejected.

This new term is the perfect find.
No more about gender so nothing gets left behind.

Even if you reject this - just be kind.

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