Stillness Descends

If you feel overwhelmed find a quiet place...

Stillness Descends

Stillness descends, a hush within the storm,
the mind's incessant chatter loses form.
In this quiet space, a deeper truth appears,
a knowing dawns, dispelling bygone years.

No longer bound by stories, self-created,
the veil lifts, burdens gently dissipated.
The heart, once tethered to the past's hold,
now simply observes, a story to unfold.

The present moment, a vast and open field,
where judgments fade, and burdens are revealed.
To apprize the past is not to relive its pain,
but to acknowledge, let go, and start again.

For clinging to the past is like grasping smoke,
an illusion held, a burden that we choke.
The power lies in Now, the only place to be,
where the past is seen, with gentle clarity.

Acceptance dawns, a soft and healing light,
as what has been is seen with equanimity's sight.
The soul, awakened, transcends all time and space,
finding solace in the present moment's grace.

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