AI Tools

AI is just a tool for the human creator...

AI Tools

AI is moving fast.

There are some creators who sadly still don't understand how it fits into creating.

I have been a digital artist since the Etch A Sketch days! For decades I have seen digital art improve with new digital tools.

AI is simply the highest level of creator tool you could ever get. Without doubt, AI is at the top of the creator's tool list. You cannot get higher. AI tools have evolved the creator (artist) so much that it is hard for the human brain to comprehend.

This post on X explains some things. Take a look:

And that's all. AI is just a tool. One day robots (androids) with AI brains will be able to produce their AI-specific conscious art. And that is fine. It will be incredible to see and a benefit to our creative minds. But even at that stage, human-led art can only be "human art". AI cannot replicate human art. It is impossible. A human could not replicate monkey art either unless they became a monkey! Do you see what I am getting at?

So it is panic over for creators who are freaking out that AI is betraying the creative process. AI is not going to replace human creators. All that has happened is humans have become the curator of AI creations, providing human input every step of the creative process and having the final say in what is produced. In effect, like a sculptor, a human is sculpting out creations using the AI tools they come across.

The point is (especially for CJB AI creations) that whatever you see would never have been created and brought to your attention without "human" creative input. In the same way, the calculator on the table would never give you a sum on the screen unless a human turned it on and hit the buttons to make something happen. Okay, that was a bad analogy but you get the point.

AI has sped up the creative flow so fast that it is now a case of creators being spoilt for choice. And choice counts more than ever, that "human" choice. I, CJB, hope you like my choices. I love what I create and I hope you do too.

Peace & Love,