Happiness undressed

This poem explores happiness and all its wonders

Happiness undressed

Happiness undressed, a barefoot dance,
On dew-kissed grass, where worries take a chance,
To melt away, like morning mist that clings,
To shadowed trees, as dawn's first sunlight sings.

No mask required, no costume for the soul,
Just skin that breathes, and feelings take control.
A joyous laugh that echoes.... through the breeze,
A heart unbound, at perfect inner ease.

The sun, a spotlight on this simple stage,
Where imperfections simply turn the page.
For happiness undressed, it needs no excuse,
Just presence pure, where joy and freedom seduce.

So let the world see you, in your truest form,
A masterpiece, weathered yet never worn.
For happiness undressed, it is a light,
That shines it's magnificence, in the beauty of sight.