Change happens to everything....


The feathery tweets are now at rest,
The bluebird sleeps on its comfy nest,
Its timeline, once a frantic race,
Has vanished into an empty space.

The tweets now slumber, no more flights,
A million bird icons, severed like kites,
Landing abruptly in a digital graveyard,
It happened fast, the change felt marred.

No more skullduggery, just peaceful sighs,
Twitter rests beneath pixelated skies,
A playground for kindness, some might say,
A heavenly place where iconic birds play.

No followers' pressure, no angry rage,
Just reflective dreams of its digital stage,
Elon's touch has been a masterful mix,
Twitter's risen like a golden phoeniX.

Twitter now hums a silent lullaby,
Black clouds cover its once blue sky,
A brand new start, in a digital age,
The blue bird fell, X took its cage.

And so it ends with the bird's profile on zero,
Is X the villain or Twitter's hero?

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