Beetlejuice Recap

Just don't say his name 3 times!!!

Beetlejuice Recap

The Maitlands were dead, deceased, six feet under you see,
Their charming old farmhouse, now a wreck, eternally.
Adam and Barbara, a most decent pair,
Hated the thought of their home in disrepair.

Then came the Deetzes, with their designer despair,
Their taste oh-so-modern, devoid of any care.
Lydia, a teenager, draped in black attire,
Befriended a hand and set the house on fire!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice said!
A bio-exorcist, with a mischievous head.
Striped suit and a grin, a chaotic delight,
He haunted the owners, all day and all night.

Sandworms erupted, a shrunken down head,
Snakes filled the toilet, a life for the dead.
Juno (the Deetz wife) fainted with each scare,
Charles, her crazed husband, ruffled his hair.

Beetlejuice summoned a dinner most grand,
A grotesque display, commanded by hand.
Shrunken guests choked, with each tiny scream,
As Day-Glo decor filled a lichen-green dream.

Lydia danced with a demon, a curious sight,
While Beetlejuice reveled in terror and fright.
The Maitlands were exhausted by Beetlejuice's plan,
They wanted their home back, they hated that man!

In the end came a solution, a contract most shrewd,
The Deetzes would live, if the haunting subdued.
Beetlejuice banished, with a mischievous wink,
Leaving behind a macabre permanent stink!

So the next time youโ€™re feeling a little bit low,
Remember Beetlejuice is where weirdness doth flow.
A dash of the crazy, a sprinkle of fright,
Heโ€™ll mess up your world and shrink down your height!


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