Best Friends Forever

Your soul is always sending you the right messages....

Best Friends Forever

Just stop.
Something ain't right.
You stand in front of yourself,
and night.

You hear it,
you know what it's saying.
Enough with the kneeling and the praying.

Hearken to your soul, hearken loud and clear....
Listen with your heart not your human ear.

Time's a ticking, you feel it in your bones.
Get rid of the screen life, staring at soulless phones.

Feel something happen, something deep inside.
Feel the connection to others, the jubilance and pride.

You are there and I am here, the time to change is now....
Let's arrange to meet somewhere tonight and make our sacred vow....
You have a soul - I have one too - and we blend like birds of a feather,
so hold my hand, help me stand, and we'll stay best friends forever....

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