When you are in your element you will come alive....


Not origin story, but origin song,
a hum before the body, a thrum
in the raw dark, a hydrogen loneliness
yearning for helium's embrace.

Element, a name whispered
by the first stars, a blueprint
etched in fire, the dance
of protons and neutrons, a language
older than bone, older than breath.

We are its alphabet, the carbon
backbone, the calcium teeth,
the iron in our blood, a symphony
of elements conducting chaos
into flickering life.

Water, the universal translator,
carrying the song of creation
through veins and rivers, a solvent
of memory, holding the echoes
of the first raindrop on primordial rock.

Fire, the hungry child, devouring
forests, licking at the edges of night,
a sculptor of change, leaving behind
the scent of ash, the whisper
of transformation.

Air, the invisible hand,
holding the world in its breath,
the sculptor of clouds, the carrier
of pollen and song, a restless dance
between freedom and form.

Earth, the patient mother,
holding the weight of all that has fallen,
bone and blossom, the slow churn
of minerals, the patient sculptor
of mountains and dreams.

We are stardust, a congregation
of elements, a universe
singing in the skin, a chorus
older than time, a love song
written in the language of fire.

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