Use Nature to Avoid Taxes!

The soul sees taxes as a temporary concern and not an eternal one....

Use Nature to Avoid Taxes!

April's shallow sun, a reddened eye blinks, a hesitant peck,
Winter's grasp lingers, glass raindrops tap a watery speck.
A weathered window groans, a robin's song chirps bright and bold,
At a desk, once polished, hunches a figure, fingers thin and cold.

Another feathered tap, the hunched form stirs, a questioning glance,
Leather-bound companions rest, bathed in sunlight's gentle dance.
Man and bird, their eyes connect, a silent, fleeting spark,
Disturbed paperwork cascades, scattering on the weathered dark.

Tax forms loom, a daunting wall, a forced and unwelcome guest,
But a shared smile breaks the tension, a moment briefly blessed.
The window creaks ajar, the bird takes flight to settle upon the roof,
Seconds melt, minutes flow ... until happiness finds its proof.

A sigh escapes, a smile unfurls, like seeded memories bloom,
Years have passed, the weight of time hangs heavy in the room.
One breath, then two, a calming tide, the world outside takes hold,
Branching arms of distant trees beckon tales yet to be told.

Nature's embrace, a solace deep, a balm for burdened souls,
If taxes mimicked fallen leaves, they'd swirl in sudden rolls....
The door swings wide, the robin flees to branches, green and high,
A coat pulled on, a silent vow, beneath the hopeful sky.

Forget the forms, this day's for joy, a call that can't be stilled,
Nature beckons, an escape, a promise to be fulfilled.

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