The Darkness

Your soul will always be in love with you...

The Darkness

My past relationship, a draining tide,
extirpating joy, nothing inside.

Love thinned, sharper than a knife,
confidence waned, revealing our life.

Self-doubt and loss, a constant refrain,
revealing darkness, dulling my flame.

Then came our son, a ray in the storm,
a shared focus, keeping us warm.

Years flew by, a whirlwind of days,
our nest grew quiet, an emotional phase.

Distance crept in, a silent divide,
a spark once shared, grief open wide.

Pain settled deep, a coldness that froze,
until finally, buried treasure arose.

The story built, my narrative of despair,
it didn't define me, my spirit was there.

Breaking free from negativity's hold,
I embraced the light, stories to unfold.

This inward journey, a chance to rebuild,
to mend the fractures, a path to be filled.

With self-love, acceptance, power and might,
I left the darkness, to live in the light.

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