Why Do Things Fail

Stop seeking power from outside of your soul....

Why Do Things Fail

I want to preach to you today about the power that lies within you.

For context, I wrote this free verse poem whilst contemplating the question, "Why do things fail" - whether that failure is a relationship or a goal of yours:

Another has the power to support you
Another has the power to encourage you
Another has the power to help you
Another has the power to love you
They don't have the power to fix you
That power lies within you

In relationships it is apparent that so many people want to find a partner for all of the wrong reasons.

They are usually traumatized from other relationships they have had and so they are looking for someone else to fix them.

Perhaps they need financial help so they find a partner with money.

Perhaps they need love so they find a partner who will love them.

Perhaps they need companionship so they find a partner to act as their companion.

In all of the above you can clearly see that the person in need is looking outward first. They should always be looking inward and fixing things long before they seek something outside of themselves. In doing so they unlock and feel the power within first and can add to that if still seeking an external influence.

And I ain't just talkin' bout love people!

Maybe you want to lose weight and are thinking about taking supplements?

Maybe you want to get out of debt and are hoping someone else will do the work to pay it off?

Maybe you want to feel more attractive and are looking to buy new clothes and a shiny new car?

This pattern of searching to find power outside of yourself is always going to be doomed to failure.


Because if you do not start with yourself how on earth can you make any true progress and feel fulfilled by something other than you?

Nature itself dictates that to move forward you must be centered and then take the first step yourself.

You cannot benefit from walking by asking someone else to carry you everywhere.

Your soul power, true power, always lies within you. So you must learn to fix yourself before you look to something or someone else to attempt it.


This the BIG question. How the heck do you love yourself? Okay, first of all stop listening to your human animal brain and start listening to your soulful intuition. Become aware of which voice is leading your thoughts and therefore your life.

Through awareness you will instantly see that the phrasing of that question is all wrong. The soulful you would rephrase that question instantly to: "Let me list out ways I can genuinely show I love myself".

That list may look like this:

  1. Every hour I will smile
  2. Every hour I will kiss my hand
  3. Every hour I will walk up to a mirror and say to myself, "I love you, well done for keeping going and looking so good at the same time"
  4. Once a week I will block book time out to do something that I love to do, like have a long hot bath with music on
  5. Once a month I will go alone to an AirBnB and read books and or watch films all day long
  6. I will respect my body by keeping healthy and eating the right balance of foods
  7. Every day I feel proud of my body by undertaking some exercise, whether it is yoga and or running
  8. Every day I will stand in front of the mirror naked and tell myself I look amazing
  9. Every night I will write a diary of positive things I did today....

I think you can start to get the idea of what you need to do.

How do you know it is working?

You will feel it! You will be happy to be alone. You won't feel the need for someone else to be with your to feel loved. You will find yourself smiling at weird times of the day. You will feel more energized and less sleepy.

Everything I am describing here is also another way to view your soul power. You should feel powerful. Be confident in who you are. Be happy with who you are. Be proud of who you are.

Once you feel powerful inside, you will find that when you go outside of yourself to do things like find romance, do business deals, enhance your health - all of these things will be less likely to fail. And the wonderful thing about true soul power is that it doesn't matter if they fail. Because you are as solid as a rock within. Your foundations remain unshaken and you can carry on to the next adventure.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I am holding back so much more because I am eager for my new book to be published first. Quick update: The book is now up to around 200 pages and I am editing it as fast as I can. Once the new book is launched I am coming for you! I want you to never suffer again, I want you to feel the true power that lies within you, and will see you smiling until the day to transition and can continue smiling in another life.

I love you - smile wide - it is time to unhide your soul - to feel whole 💪💛