The Power of Writing a Book

If you have never written a book then you need to read this

The Power of Writing a Book

Writing is so overlooked and underrated these days.

We grab our mobile phones 🤳 and we write to friends, to work colleagues, to companies.

We sit in front computer keyboards 💻 and we write emails and other creative and or work focus messages.

We take writing for granted.

When we had no computers and had to use a pen ✍️, that is when writing was respected for the power it can unleash.

Typewriters and early word processors held some power too. Why? Because to write a book or anything like a letter (remember those), well, it took effort. And that effort gave you a sense of price, it created feelings of accomplishment and so much more.

There was no AI ghost 👻 writer to jump in and fill in the blanks. Just your mind, paper and pen.

Why have I taken you down a memory lane of writing tools?

I wanted to instill into you that you should not take writing for granted. You should not jump on social media and tap away at the keyboard and click SEND without being aware that you could be doing so much more with your writing time.

Write a book!

Okay, it took me long enough to say, but yes, write a book! 📚

But first. Please note. One of the biggest unspoken points about writing a book is that: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUBLISH IT! 😲

You heard me. You do not have to publish it.

The "Power of Writing a Book" comes from you focusing your mind on what message you want to say. You either want to say something to yourself. To others. Or a mixture.

Saying it - writing it - is what is most important. So many of us bottle up what we are thinking. The power in writing a book comes when you see your thoughts written down, they suddenly take on a whole new perspective. You actually evaluate them rather than worry about them.

The true power of writing is:

  • You get things out of your system and reduce inner stress
  • You feel good to share lessons you have learnt with others
  • You can make some money too 💰 if you publish it

The money side should not be your driving force when it comes to writing. If you are struggling to write then it is because you are not writing the correct things.

And note that I am not just talking about writing in general. I am talking about writing an actual book length document. When you write a book you level up everything. You create something. When you just write a small story or a letter, that is brilliant, and those things definitely have their place in making you feel great, like journaling does, but writing a book and seeing the end result is what will bring you power within your soul.

What is on your mind? What do you dream of? What would you want to improve? What do you want to tell others before you die?

These types of questions are brilliant at unlocking your writing spirit. The answers you give yourself should make your soul tingle with something. Hopefully something good!

I challenge you today, to start writing a book. Do not get bogged down by the title - that will come and usually does after you have started writing and getting a feel for what the book is really about.

Just literally write! Do not edit. Do not overthink. Write.

For a writing tool you can use, a paper notebook, a digital notepad (each phone has notes), or use a google doc etc. Just write (hopefully you are getting the message).


Basically, writing a book takes you on a journey. And journeys are good! They improve you. They make you feel whole 💛 and better than before. They lead you to something good. They unlock something that you would otherwise not have noticed inside you. So start writing! And let me know when your book is published....