Did a Magpie Steal Your Soul?

Love yourself first!

Did a Magpie Steal Your Soul?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?
"Not me" - stop that! Did a magpie steal your soul?

You know that mole? That one you think sticks out -
That one you think others talk & laugh about,
Well, it's like a kiss your mother once gave,
The one you wanted to treasure and save.

Imperfections appear to show how lovely you are,
And yes, the same goes for that raw emotional scar!

Your soul loves to display these whenever it shines,
Like the connoisseur who saviors some truly fine wines.

Everything about you is so beautifully done,
You're stunningly made, shining more than the sun....

So next time you ask that mirror, who's the prettiest of them all?
Remember, nobody, especially right now, has such a beautiful soul.

A video performance note from CJB:

I want to add a note to this video because I think its really important to share the thinking behind this and how it fits in with what I am trying to achieve with this new blog and its intended direction.

Having had some very dark times in my life, for various reasons, I have grown so empathetic and loving toward other human beings who are mostly lost in their human animal worlds (that is short for they just get caught up in their human lives). When you have felt very deep hurt, you grow a passion for not wanting anybody else to go through that same pain. And that's where I am, here, with this blog and my message.

My message is to help you, yes you, the one reading this, especially so if you are feeling like life is weighing heavily on you.

I realize you haven't asked to know this, but I recently contracted a nasty version of shingles. I have been healthy all of my life so I cannot moan. But what it has done is humble me even more. Right now I am experiencing a flare up. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor to find out what is going on with my body. For the first time in my life I could hardly walk around the block today with my dog. I have worked my whole young life hoping to get to that "end point" where I could retire and do everything I ever wanted to do.... what I hadn't factored into this plan is that my body would give up on me.

Why am I mentioning all of this, today has been especially tough mentally and physically but since I awakened I am able to step into my soul and away from the human animal pain. Of course I moan and grumble, I am experiencing a human life after all, I want to feel things like any other human feels things, but I have a back door to love and wonders which always makes me feel blessed and safe and loved. [And yes 🥱 my new book will share this so you can feel the same way]

I create things now simply because I love and enjoy creating. I have no agenda apart from an overarching aim to create certain things that will make others feel better for having seen them. This video I believe is going to be one of those things.

I probably shouldn't be publishing this video on YouTube according to most performance rules, half way through my voice falls flat and I cringe.... I was going to redo the recording but then my soulful awareness stepped in and said "Why? Don't worry be happy!".

In a magical moment I was reminded that in imperfection "Perfection" appears. Note, that saying is in my Tao Te Ching book too. And so I paid attention, I released any fears I had, and now I just want the imperfections of the video, especially the awful flat tones of my voice, to be the best part of the poem!

I want you to watch this and cringe with me - but most importantly to smile with me, and release any stress.

I hope by the end of this video you do feel less stressed and you are smiling. If the latter two things happen then my work here is done.

Have a great day today, and as I say to my mischievous Boston Terrier in a loving way - "Behave yourself!" 😉 and enjoy this video!

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