How Love Can End All Wars

Love is the superpower....

How Love Can End All Wars

On the 8th of May 1945, Truman and Churchill shared some important news
In those days there was no internet, so no fake likes with millions of views

It was a time in history when the world cried out with tears of joy and pain
The month had seen stormy weather, anxious clouds released their rain

The news companies jostled around the leaders whilst setting up their mikes
People stopped what they were doing, lit a cigarette, some astride their bikes

As the world fell silent to hear the news, the love began to shine
Grins and hugs and chinking glasses helped broken hearts realign

The news the Nazis had lost the war had a wonderful impact on all
Peace was the start that people needed - to heal their battered soul

Today we reflect upon this news as if it was all some terrible dream
We aerate our minds with modern wars, pretending they're not what they seem

Any war that kills someone, whether triggered by a terrorist group or superpower
They are definitely not what the majority of humans want, in this or any hour

So stop right now, put weapons down, and LOVE with all your MIGHT!!!
Because if love takes hold, even for just one second, nobody will want to fight.