Proof is in the Pudding

I am living proof you can beat a phobia via soul power!

Proof is in the Pudding

Warning, I am on a high, and so this post is going to have a MASSIVE sprinkling of cheesy 🧀 happiness!

Where do I start?

The beginning?

No that is way too far back....

How about I start at right now!


So here I sit. Just back from eating out in a 🍽️ restaurant.

Why is that something to be 😁 happy about? Why am I telling you about it?

To most people that statement would seem pretty basic. Most of you would love the chance to go to a restaurant. However - to a life long 😨 agoraphobic with a side order of 🤮 emetophobia, it is NOT a small statement.

By the way, I am not writing this post for me to brag about anything, I am writing this post because THIS IS THE POST I WOULD HAVE WANTED TO READ YEARS AGO!

I know there is someone else out there, like me, someone who is suffering in their own mind with anxiety. I know it is stopping them from enjoying life. It is potentially ruining their relationships.

If I had read this decades ago, if I knew what I know now, I would have saved myself years of hardship and self torture.

The key thing to latch on to here is that I - a FORMER agoraphobic - just went to a public restaurant and enjoyed every second of it.

What is really INCREDIBLE is the fact I had no help from any Beta Blockers or other drugs to help curb my anxiety. The whole experience was purely down to soul power!

Yes! I - Christian Jacques Bennett (CJB!) - just went to a restaurant, ate food, and returned with no issues at all. No worrying, no looking for exits to escape through.... None of my past human animal thoughts surfaced. I would not allow any unchecked thoughts to destroy my moment, especially now I have awakened and know the truth.

So how can you copy me to defeat your anxieties?

This will be frustrating - AND I SWEAR THIS POST IS NO MARKETING PLOY - but you will have to wait for my book to come out: The Power of Everything.

The reason is simply because there is too much to tell you, and you need to know all of it. There is certainly too much to say that this post can hold. I would basically have to rewrite the whole book here and that is not going to happen.

What I can tell you is that the old saying my Nan used to tell me was put to the test and passed ✅ with flying colors.

My Nan used to say: "Proof is in the 🍮 pudding".

In my case this means that I can talk and preach all I want about "Soul Power" and the "Power of Everything", but do I truly live by my own advice? Does it bloody work!?

Hell - yes it BLOODY DOES work!

It really does.

Here's a bit more info about what I just experienced....

I decided today to not use any of my previous safety nets, like going to a nearby restaurant, or taking something to calm me down before. Instead I used my soul power to enjoy every moment of the experience and ignored whatever my human animal brain might want to "think".

And that is the point:

- you are not your thoughts!
- you are not your identity
- you are something more, so much more!

And when you 🧠👀 awaken to this fact (not a belief or faith) that you truly are a connected soul which has unlimited power, well, that is when you will break free from your human 🐒 animal chains, anxieties will disappear and you will look at every moment with astonished 😍 wonder and joy.

My book will show you how to do all of this and it is coming - well as soon as I can finished it - I estimate around August 2024 but it could be sooner because I am SO eager 🦘 to get the message out there and remind you of what you already know but have most likely forgotten.

Anyhow, I am getting too deep 😵‍💫 and some of your minds may be starting to drown....

The main point here is to latch on to the fact that I am living proof that you can leave pain and suffering behind you and view life through the loving 💛 lens of an awakened soul.

I cannot wait for you to join me, and ideally help me to remind others of the facts which will teach everyone who wakes up, that they are part of the 💪 Power of Everything!

By the way, there is only one way this story can end - and that is happily ever after!

Get ready....