A poetic story to help you overcome fear

Kindness and empathy will help you conquer all....

A poetic story to help you overcome fear

In a seaside village, where the sunset was saying goodnight,
There lived a girl named Clara whose soul was filled with fright.
The wind had begun to howl a song from the waves far down below,
Its unsung lyrics whispered of imminent dangers every villager would know.

They knew of a monstrous beast, with a hunger so vast,
It laid claim to the waters, one visit would be your last.
No ships dared to sail near, no nets dared to be cast out,
For fear of the creature, who made seagulls cry and shout.

Clara, though young, felt something welling up inside,
After decades of fear, she would no longer choose to hide.
And so on a starlit night, when the moon bowed low,
She slipped from her cottage, with an emotional glow.

The villagers watched from their windows, with worry and dread,
As Clara descended, beyond where the shadows were spread.
They thought her soul was possessed, by a madness untold,
But Clara kept marching onward, her spirit so bold.

Reaching the shore, where the waves crashed and churned,
She stood unafraid, staring intently as the beast's fury burned.
As it rose from the depths, it let out a monstrous roar,
But Clara stood firm, and searched her inner most core.

She closed her eyes tight, and with love she banished all fear....
As she felt her soul unlocking, her next actions became clear.
As a bright light burst out of her, its power so bright,
It pushed back the darkness, and banished the night.

The beast recoiled, turning away from her stare,
A whimper escaped, the creature's own soul now laid bare.
It had only been a monster whilst filled with anger and pain,
It was lost and afraid, stuck in its mind's endless domain.

With a voice soft and steady, Clara spoke true,
Of shared fears and burdens, a connection anew.
The beast calmed its fury, the light filled its gaze,
And together they walked, through the moonlit haze.

Clara returned to the village, not with victory's call,
But with a newfound peace, that encompassed them all.
The beast ventured back, his heart warmed by love,
Their bond grew a friendship that fit like a glove.

From then on, Clara, the village girl who was once afraid,
Became a beacon of hope, a lesson for others displayed.
It was clear the greatest of monsters, and the battles we face,
Can be conquered with courage, and the powers of grace.

So remember, dear reader, whenever fear takes its hold,
There's a wellspring of power, waiting in the wings to unfold.
Just look deep within your heart and let your soul powers break free....
You will always conquer darkness, by showing kindness and empathy.

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