How to get your sh*t together

Love everything and everything will love you back....

How to get your sh*t together

This is a poem about how to get your sh*t together,
It's a poem that is not trying to be clever.

It's like parental love for a child,
It's free, enduring, tender and mild.

Every word you read is simple and plain,
In each sentence there's something to gain.

Stop listening to your human animal mind,
Know (inside) your soul just wants to be kind.

Let it out with every breath that you take,
Don't be the ego, nasty and fake.

Learn to enjoy the basics in life,
Like riding a bike to kissing your wife.

Your time on this earth is so very short,
Don't let fear build mental walls like a fort.

Release yourself to enjoy what you love,
And by loving everything stay connected - eternally - to the stars above.

So no matter the day, no matter the weather,
Remember this poem on how to get your sh*t together.