Do Souls Critique Humans?

Let your soul critique you to rise above being human....

Do Souls Critique Humans?

Do souls critique the lives we lead,
encased in clay, where passions bleed?
From some celestial heavenly view,
do they watch the choices made by you?

Perhaps a sigh escapes their core,
at the wars we wage when love we ignore!
Do they shake their heads at petty greed,
at the walls we build to shade god's seed?

Fear and doubt is where trust should bloom....
Do souls yearn for peace and feel the doom?
Or are they simply watching you, serene,
detached from your human animal scene?

The Buddha laughed, because your soul is you!
Your soul sticks you to Everything like superglue.
It happily critiques your human animal ways,
so you can live to experience heavenly days.

If you can live through the eyes of your soul,
you will be forever fearless and shall never fall.

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