Keep Shining James

Friendship never dies...

Keep Shining James

The year, a veil, a turning tide,
Two thousand twenty, where spirits hide.
James Box, a name that softly gleams,
A life transformed, a radiant stream.

We sang a duet, a vibrant score,
A harmony that echoes evermore.
Your voice, a thread in the cosmic choir,
Ascending high, setting hearts on fire.

In whispered secrets, love unbound,
A knowing shared on sacred ground.
A friendship's light, a guiding spark,
A constant flame that leaves its mark.

Though earthly form may fade from sight,
Energy endures, a boundless light.
In rustling leaves and starry skies,
Your spirit dances, never truly dies.

No longer bound by time or space,
Your essence lingers, a loving grace.
Our duet continues, soft and clear,
In realms unseen, forever near.

James Box, a friend, forever known,
Your melody within my soul is sown.
We'll meet again, on that celestial shore,
Where life transcends, forevermore....

And there's more!

So, because the spirit world is fact and not fiction. I dialed in today and connected with James. This video explains it all! Ready?

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