Soul power defeats boredom

Smiling is all you need to feel good....

Soul power defeats boredom
"Proof's in the pudding", as my Nan used to say!

I do chuckle at times.

At last I understand why the little Buddha ornaments I have scattered around my home are always smiling.

I have awakened and I want you to awaken too!

Most people are walking around their lives completely asleep. Like zombies 🧟🧟‍♀ïļ

I was half a zombie ðŸĪŠ once upon a time.

Previously, I was always aware of something other than just my ego, but I didn't understand exactly what that meant.

For example. If I was driving my car and another driver cut me up and caused me to slam my brakes on, thankfully I was able to stop my brain from getting too angry, okay yes I might have cursed, but inside I was able to stop and think sensibly and kindly, asking myself questions like: "Was the other driver having a stroke? Did he need to get somewhere for some life critical reason?".

I have always thought beyond my own ego and thought about how others feel. So, yes, I would proclaim that I was only half a zombie.

In comparison, there are so many zombie people who, when a car cuts them up, will beep their horn furiously. They will even chase the other car and in some cases try and attack the other driver. I even remember reading how someone killed another driver because he was in such a rageful state of zombieness.

What has all this got to do with soul power always defeating boredom?

Since I tapped into my soul power I have found that I cannot be bored.

Just now I was calling a large well known corporation to help sort something out for me, and as usual these days, I was asked to wait and placed on hold for 20+ minutes....

In the past I would have moaned and groaned and wondered what I was going to do for 20 minutes!!!! HOW DARE THEY 😆

But not this time....

I smiled. Loved every second. Took a deep breath and used the power of my senses to appreciate every one of my senses that was being tickled with life.

  • I was grateful I could hear the music they played whilst I was waiting ðŸŽķ
  • I was grateful I could smell the fresh air coming through a window I had open 🍃
  • I was grateful I could move my body parts at will, not having any disability ðŸĪļ
  • I was grateful I could touch the phone and sense my body touching the seat I was in 🖐ïļ

You get the idea! I felt so grateful for all of my senses.

You see now that I have awakened, every moment is a wonderful symphony of sensory experiences.

How could I not smile? How can you not smile, right now?

And because I am aware of who I really am (book coming out soon) I am able to separate my real self from my human animal ego thoughts. Yes, those thoughts that made a man kill someone in road rage, as mentioned earlier.

The brilliant news is you have soul power too.

You can do the same.

You can love every second of your life by experiencing things in the way you should. A way that has been forgotten in this fast changing material world.

And the good news is, if you are ready, I will show you how... just please bear with me whilst I finish off my book. Note, I have just finished the first draft!



Okay, if you can't wait for my new book and want a tip to feel good right now, simply stop what ever you are doing and focus on one sense you have (i.e. sight, hearing, taste, touch etc) and notice everything you can about what you are sensing. Feel a sense of pure gratitude that you are able to sense what you are, remember these human senses you have can disappear, so genuinely feel appreciative - and SMILE! SMILE like you have never smiled before.

As always - keep soulful and love everything !! 💛