Christian Jacques Bennett

Creates! Awakens! Inspires!

Christian Jacques Bennett

Hi, I am CJB.

And yes - they are my initials!

And yes - you can call me "CJB"!

If you have just arrived on this blog and are wondering what happens here, this is the page for you.

It is straightforward.

I create things to awaken and inspire you!

I want to help you awaken, to feel fantastic as much as you can, to be able to breeze through life, to open up your creativity and mind to new ways of living, feeling, and being happy.

Examples of what I create are...

✍️ I have written a contemporary version of the Tao Te Ching. A 2600-year-old book of philosophy & wisdom, that helps quieten your mind and guides you to make harmonious decisions. The book is called The Way of Everything.

✍️ Right now, I am writing a book which is a spiritual self-help book. It explores and resolves who "YOU" really are and what you are a part of. Most importantly it explores what "Soul Powers" you have at your disposal, to create incredible life experiences (that cost nothing). The book is called
The Power of Everything.

✍️🎼🎨 In addition to writing books, I create* poetry, songs, and art - I am desperate to do some sculpting! I am a fan of
Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore.

😈 Recently, I have developed a creator's guilty pleasure. It has become a little like the unchecked ivy creeping up the walls of my house. I refer to a daily poetry prompt, across social media, which is called #vss365. It has taken over this blog (which still hasn't officially launched) and I don't apologize! That is one of the core messages I preach about through my creations and coaching: DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO! PLAY! ENJOY YOURSELF! And write in capitals if it helps!

I am breaking all the rules of launching new websites and marketing campaigns... and I am proud of it. I realize I shouldn't be making anything public until everything is in place, but that is where, in my experience, we all go wrong. Society has become obsessed with ensuring everything is 100% ready before making any move - I say MOVE! JUST MOVE! What are you waiting for? Death!

Don't regret anything. And keep moving forward.

As you may tell by my tone, this blog's PASSIONATE core message is to AWAKEN you to something you already know and easily ignore because of the riptide of society and the direction it has been flowing. When my book is published it will explain EVERYTHING (LITERALLY)!

For now, just be reminded of the following:

1) You are not your human-animal brain - you are your soul!
2) Your soul is part of the Body of Everything (aka Oneness)!
3) You have the Power of Everything at your disposal!
4) There is a heaven and so much more!
5) Happiness is a tail-chasing word - Contentment is a better one!

I could keep writing this list forever! I will stop with those 5 key teasers.

Everything mentioned will be explained in this blog and the new book. I look forward to going on this journey of experiencing life to the maximum in a state of peace and love.

Please return to this blog and follow me on social media. I post regular updates and creations that will awaken and inspire you in ways only you can imagine.

All my love,

*Read CJB's thoughts on AI as a creative tool.