This artwork celebrates the soul power of all women


CJB Notes: The painting and poem celebrate the soul power of all women, the name "Abeni" means "Girl Prayed For".

She was called Abeni.
She had swagger,
She had style (and),
She was all mine …
For just a little while.

29 March 2024

(Only one of its type to ever be NFT* authenticated by CJB)

Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass:

100 x 148.8 cm (External dimensions: 112.7 x 161.5 cm)

Image dimensions: 100 by 148.8 centimeters (External dimensions: 112.7 by 161.5 centimeters)

Fuji Crystal Archive, glossy
Alu-Dibond 3 mm
Aluminium rails
Acrylic glass 2 mm, matte
London, Profile 65 mm (Black & gold)
Image optimization: 100%