Everything you do now is compounding your soul power

Everything you do now is compounding your soul power

I feel really emotional today.

In a powerful way.

In a good way.

In a healthy way.

And I wanted to share this experience so you can feel comforted in your own current circumstance.

First, please allow me to reflect....

I have worked in some really tough jobs. Some very boring jobs. The type of jobs that wake you up each morning - way before your alarm - and fill you with dread (although if I fully knew about soul power I would not have felt that way!).

At times I thought those jobs really were my lot in life. I felt stuck. I let my human animal mind throw the wrong kind of dark thoughts at my conscious and they clouded me in some dark times.

At times I felt like giving up.

Many times, I felt the world was against me.

The interesting thing is that everyone goes through these battles with their human 🐒 animal mind.

Everyone is suffering from themselves at some point in their life.

And that is EXACTLY why I have created this blog. To remind you of how wonderful you can feel when your soul power is activated. To make you see that the bad times are not so bad after all.

What do I mean your bad times are not bad? They are!

Of course they are bad. But they are only bad because of how your human animal mind frames them. You have to have bad to know what is good.

It is the yin and yang of life.

If you do not experience the bad times how can you truly savor the good times when they happen. Which they will!

In understanding this, you will be happy to live in the bad times. That alone will make them seem "less bad".

Am I making sense?

Another way to look at bad times is to realize that you need to endure them so you can reap the results later on.

Think of every bad moment you experience as being an investment you are making in yourself which will compound. The more bad moments you have. The more you endure. The more good moments that will compound.

Do you know what compounding is?

Compounding is financially defined as increasing the value of an asset due to the interest earned on both a principal and accumulated interest. If you are like me, that reads like "SPURGEN%%%% LARKY NOO ZACOCA***" and so let me explain it more simply.

Imagine you went into the countryside each week and collected 1 good* rabbit 🐰

*"Good" meaning that the rabbit will not want to sleep with other rabbits! AKA your good moments in life.

This is what would happen without compounding:

  • Week 1 = 🐰
  • Week 2 = 🐰🐰
  • Week 3 = 🐰🐰🐰
  • Week 4 = 🐰🐰🐰🐰 (It's rubbish just having good times)

The number of good rabbits would only go up by 1 rabbit each week because they are good rabbits. Does this make any sense (I'll be honest I added it in because I just love the rabbit emojis!)?

Okay. Now let's have a look at what happens when you add compounding into the mix. Instead of the financial version of interest being paid on your money, think of bad rabbits breeding as a type of "interest" on your investment.

This is what would happen with the compounding of good and bad rabbits:

*"Bad" meaning that the rabbit WILL want to sleep with other rabbits! AKA your bad moments in life.

  • Week 1 = 🐰
  • Week 2 = 🐰🐰
  • Week 3 = 🐰🐰🐰🐰
  • Week 4 = 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰 🐰
  • Week 5 = 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰 (You get the idea!)

Can you see how things naturally increase when you add compounding into the mix?

And breathe...

So what has compounding got to do with you right now. For example, what if you are working a shift and have had to leave those you love at home having fun? How is it going to help you?

It helps you because compounding is exactly what you are doing right now, in every moment. Every bad and good time is added together to bring you an overall experience of life that is worth every moment combined.

I am living proof! 😮

I have reached a stage in my life where all of the hardship I went through has been the exact ingredient I needed to feel as amazing as I do.

Not loving what I was doing has made me LOVE 💛 what I am doing now!

This is brilliant news for you. The exact moment you are in right now. Even if it is the worst you can imagine. That moment will compound your soul power to radiate such love and connection, you will look back and actually be thankful for the experience. You really will.

I hope this made sense. If not, just know everything is always going to be okay.

Oh and as I have mentioned in other parts of this blog... I am writing a book about how you can love every moment of your life through unleashing your soul power. I wish I could point you to it now, but I can't. It will explain all and help you fully awaken your soul power and the power of everything!

As always - until next time - Love 🥰 you!